Edition II 


A Creative Collective Where Fine Art, Fashion & Dance Interact & Engage.


Est. Form in collaboration with G5A Forum brings to you a visual story of Movement; expressed through painting, fashion design, and dance.  A creative journey that traversed the globe during these isolating times, Edition II - Series: Movement, brings in multiple voices across three creative disciplines for a radical and immersive conversation about texture and the movement it inspires.

Est. Form is a creative collective that focuses on collaborative artistic practices that move across discipline and medium, resulting in work that is innovative and bold. With Edition II, artistic director & visual artist, Oona D’mello and creative director and fashion designer, Sohni Patel have reimagined collaborative possibilities. With the textural movement in the art being the point of creation, Est. Form has consciously engaged 3 creative mediums - fine art, dance & fashion. They bring forth the crucial conversation around collaboration and the many subsets of creativity that emerge from it.



By Artist, Oona D'mello 

“I have always desired for my work to inspire further creativity. Today I find myself creating textile art which has begun to warp and weft

its way into the fabric of fashion, dance and

expansive dialogue.”  

- Oona D'mello, Visual Artist  

Right - "Reds" | Textile Art Sculpture 

Top - "Art Existing Elsewhere" | Textile Art Sculpture 

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By Pia Sutaria

In response & in conversation with Textile Art titled, "Reds"

“As a performing artist I have spent a large part of my career as a leader or employee. With collaborations, the beauty lies in starting with a sense of equality. It’s professionals coming together with one objective, with immense respect for one another and allowing the creativity to flow” – Pia Sutaria, Ballerina 

"Hues" By Pia Sutaria 

In response to Textile Art titled "Reds" by Artist, Oona D'mello 

Direction by Shivin & Sunny 

Music by Maqta Music 


By Designer, House of Sohn

& Artist Oona D'mello 

"There's something really special about using the art as fabric, knowing that the story of movement that this process is telling, is going to continue to be told on a moving body"

– House of Sohn, Designer

(Left to Right) - Foilage One - Shoulder Dress | Foilage Bralet | Rosa

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By Olga Malinovskaya

In response to Wearable Art titled, "Allies" jacket 

Olga in Wearable Art "Allies" Jacket

- by Artist Oona D'mello & Designer, House of Sohn 

“The right collaboration can bring a new element to your ‘art routine’, which inspires you to create something different from what you have done before” – Olga Malinovskaya, Ballerina


"Blackbird" by Olga Malinovskaya |

In response to Wearable Art "Allies" Jacket By Artist Oona D'mello & Designer House of Sohn |

Music by Sasha Pushkin



G5A forum is the curatorial element of G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture that curates, co-creates, and produces interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work that is bold, experimental, and just. We bring together arts practitioners for dialogues and debates through both and strongly support and encourage original work that is grounded in form, theory, and practice.G5A is happy to collaborate with Est.Form bringing the digital exhibition to the G5A Website. G5A brings its expertise to the table, creating a visual narrative for the exhibition with a focus on collaborative work in these times of physical distance.

This launch will be followed by an intimate conversation with the artists about their process of co-creation and response, delving into their practice. We will examine the significance of collaborative, multidisciplinary practices and the virtues of engaging with materials in isolation as a jumping-off point to creation/innovation.

Est. Form Founders 

Photographer Credits -  Bharat Rawail 

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