Edition I


This body of work is the exploration of culture through dimensions of ART x FASHION. Art forms developed through simultaneous curation and creation of collaboration between two distinct creative disciplines.  The connective voice of fabric weaves through the radical transformation from traditional format and presentation of art.  The conversation more broadly speaks to culture, aesthetics and emotions.  

 This exhibit’s purpose is to develop a forum where the public enters where form and process take precedence over all else, when co-creation becomes a common language. 

 Movement was the primary steer of this work. It reveals itself as sometimes resistant and static, while flowing and free at others. A deep sense of preciousness of creating was employed in the two mediums. This was when a ‘response state’ was established. The process of making, where no one spoke, yet communication was constant through immersive studio practices. The path of respect for texture and form where the end is only realisedwhen the form takes place culminating in experiential formats and breaking boundaries - where one discipline belongs vs another.  Through this commonality of aesthetics art and fashion become one in a tangible outcome.


Artist - Oona D'mello 

Designer - House of Sohn


Photo Credit - Shoeb Mashadi & Rema Chaudhary